About Safa Daneshvar


About Safa Daneshvar

- Name: Safa

- Surename: Daneshvar

- Birthday: June 24, 1980

- Languages: Persian (Native), English

- Marital status: Single

- Location: Tehran, Iran

- Education:

BS. Mining Engineering, South Tehran Azad Uni.

MS. Civil Engineering, Gegotechnical Engineering

(Soil and Foundations)


- Parvinz Daneshvar (Father), Fatemeh Hosseini

(Mother), Arya, Arvin, Ramtin (Brothers)

More about family: Daneshvar Family Website


Photos of Safa and his family: Photo page





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Height: 182  cm  (6 ft)

Weight: 72 kg (158 lb)

Blood Group: O+


Updated: April 10, 2014

Safa Daneshvar Portrait